What To Expect

What happens in a hypnotherapy session?

The first thing that we really want you to know is that it is our goal for everyone to feel at ease and comfortable with the process.

We are happy to offer a Comfort Policy: If you are not satisfied with your Hypnosis experience at the end of your first session,let us know and your session will be free.

Hypnosis Lobby

Feel free to call 407-497-5285 to discuss hypnosis and how it could possibly work for you.

If you are seeing a Hypnotherapist for the first time, you may be very curious about what to expect. At your first visit, Rene Brent RN-CCHT will gather information about you, your life and health. You will discuss basic life-style details and whatever else is essential or crucial. Time is spent exploring events, emotion and beliefs and how they effect your life.

You could possibly have questions or concerns about hypnosis or what it will feels like to be in this natural relaxed state. You will learn about the conscious and subconscious mind and how it often guides your behavior. You will have the opportunity to discuss all of your concerns and you would not continue to hypnosis until you were comfortable.

Positive Affirmations

Hypnosis is used as a tool to bypass conscious thought and reach the subconscious mind. When in this state of relaxation,it allows you to recognize and acknowledge beliefs you carry and make effective changes.

As a highly trained Hypnotherapist, Rene will use several different deep relaxation techniques to guide you to a natural relaxed state of mind. Standard induction into hypnosis may last up to 30 minutes while a entire complete session can last up to 2 hrs.

While in hypnosis; positive suggestions, affirmations and visualizations will be used to address previously discussed issues. You will never lose consciousness and you are always in control. While in a trance, no one can make you say or do something you do not want to do.

At the end of the session, once “awakening” suggestions are made, you will wake up feeling refreshed, relaxed and you will remember your entire session.

You will take home a personalized CD to continue self hypnosis at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind which happens to us every day. During a hypnotic trance, you go into a special state of mind where alpha and theta brain waves are present. This happens in a variety of situations – each time we read a captivating novel, float off in a daydream, or become absorbed in an entrancing movie, we are in this state.