I saw Rene because I was deathly afraid of flying and my entire family was going on a cruise to Alaska. I thought I could do it on my own. The day before, I panicked and thought I was going to have to cancel. My children would have been devastated. Rene is very busy but she fit me in that day. She worked with me for two hours and the next day, I got on that plane. I was calmer and almost enjoyed it. It was an amazing family vacation. She was reassuring, patient and funny.

Donna G.Maitland, FL

Thank you Rene for helping me with my weight problem. I was very hesitant at first, but when I started controlling my portions without feeling hungry, I was convinced. I’m happy to recommend you!

Kathy S.Altamonte Springs, Fl

I have been to multiple sessions with Rene. The techniques and services she offers has significantly alleviated my distress and anxiety. As a healthcare provider working in a stressful environment hypnosis has helped me retrain my thought process and see the positive side of all things. I encourage anybody struggling with anything to give Rene a call.

CurtisOrlando, Fl

Rene is a caring and effective professional. I highly recommend her!!!!

Vicky C.Heathrow, FL

Rene has a gift for helping others move though issues, to see the potential for change and help them move through grief and more. I have been privileged to be one of her clients and experienced her talent for changing lives.Her compasion, heart and humor has helped move forward in my life.

Barbara A.Longwood , Fl

When I first started to work with Rene I was having trouble sleeping for more than 7 years. It was affecting every aspect of my life. Rene Tought me many skills to help ease my mind through the day. I feel calmer. After my work with her, I am sleeping so much better and feel so more excited and energitic in my day.

Amy F.Winter Park, Fl

The thought of hypnosis scared me at first. Boy was I wrong. Rene blessed me greatly by showing me just how powerful my mind is and just how powerful I can be in controlling my own mind through hypnosis. When you are hypnotized, the only person in charge is you!! But what it does is help you focus on parts of your mind that are like power houses for your body. Your body responds to YOU, not someone else. And learning how to tap into this through hypnosis could be one of the most powerful things you will ever learn in life. So don’t be afraid to try. Rene is trustworthy and is excellent at what she does. She is a true gift! Don’t be afraid to receive what she has to offer.

Cherie B.Illinois

Stress is unfortunately not unexpected.  At some point in our lives stress rears its ugly head and manifests itself in many shapes and forms.  Unless we acknowledge it and understand how to deal with it stress can have many negative effects on our physical and emotional health.  So what do we do about this and how do we handle it?  Rene did a fabulous job of introducing my staff to many simple techniques that can be used throughout the day and relaxation exercises that will encourage a restful sleep.  Rene took a group of 50 teachers through an exercise that actually put us in a state of calm that sent us home with peace in our hearts and tools for the future.

Carol McNallyThe Richard S. Adler Early Childhood Learning Center At The Roth Family JCC of Greater Orlando

I was a child when I lost my father, almost forty years ago. Until meeting Rene, I had no idea how that tragic unexpected loss at a young age had a residual effect on me for over four decades. Her work with me was life changing and honestly, mind blowing! I would highly recommend Rene if you have experienced a loss. Even if it has been years, it may have an impact on reaching your goals.

Stacy K.Orlando, Fl

I’m not smoking anymore and haven’t picked up a cigarette since our first session. I never thought I could quit, but your hypnotic suggestions really worked for me.

Paul D.Orlando, Fl.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but I had tried everything else and nothing worked. The entire process was way more intense than I could have thought, but in a good way. I learned a lot of things about myself that I had forgotten and suppressed and was able to get rid of all the negativity that was holding me from bettering my life and staying <clean>. I am now more confident than I have ever been as well as happier than I have ever been. I know that I have finally beat the <cravings> and I have Rene to thank for it.

RickMelbourne, FL