Pain Management

Can Hypnosis help you with Pain Management?

Pain management is complicated but the answer is YES!

Hypnosis has been proven to be effective in altering the pain experience and diminish the emotional heaviness of chronic pain. Hypnotic programming suggestions can be used to divert the mind from pain signals and thus greatly reducing the perception of pain.

Pain management in hypnosis has traditionally been used in a wide variety of settings including dentistry, childbirth, surgery and post operative pain. It can also provide a way for you to gain control and empower you to turn down the intensity of the pain with the power of your mind.

Rene Brent Hypnosis can help you start a healing journey and possibly decreased your intake of pain medication. Rene Brent has been a RN with over 25 years. She has a vast knowledge of disease processes and the mechanics of the body and pain.

We will also help you with the psychological effects of chronic pain. This can include anger, grief, anticipation, expectation, helplessness, fear and a false beleif of weakness.

The expectation and anticipation of a painful experience, signals a set of conditioned responses and before you know it, the tension, fear and anxiety begins. Pain can be acute, like the pain of a migraine headache, or chronic persistent pain, like that of arthritis or a back injury.

Sometimes pain is a symptom of a disease process that must be diagnosed and treated by a health care practitioner.

Before using hypnosis for pain management, the State of Florida requires that you must have a prescription or referral by a doctor.