Rene Brent’s Affiliations and Memberships

Holistic Chamber of Commerce
Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy
Working Women of Florida
International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists

Groups, Organizations and Companies Rene Has Spoken to:

  • International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapist

    Key Presenter June 2016 Annual conference for the International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapist.

  • Reinvention Retreat

    Key Speaker for the 2016 International Women’s Reinvention Retreat Cruise


    Keynote Speaker 2015 – National WOAMTEC Woman’s Conference

  • BNI


  • Working Women of Florida

    Working Women of Florida

  • Florida Society of Medical Assistants

    Florida Society of Medical Assistants [October 2016]

  • The Holistic Chamber of Commerce

    The Holistic Chamber of Commerce

  • Orange County Florida School System

    Orange County Florida School System

  • Vikasa Expo

    Vikasa Expo

  • Orange Theory Fitness

    Orange Theory Fitness

Radio / Podcast / TV / Media Rene Has Appeared On:

Vroom Vroom Veer Podcast

Rene Brent on Vroom Vroom Veer
Vroom Vrrom Veer with Jeff Smith

Mixed Company

Rene Brent on Mixed Company

Breakup Recovery Podcast

How To Stop That Inner Voice Beating Yourself Up
Breakup Recovery with Barbara Stevens

Planet Boomervile with Jim Enright

Putting hypnotherapy to work in your life today.
Planet Boomerville with Jim Enright

Power Your Life Today

“Talking To Your Inner Child” with Rene Brent
Kristy Jo Hunt – Power Your Life Today

Functional Medicine Radio Show With Dr. Carri

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
The Functional Medicine Radio Show
With Dr. Carri

Health Happens

Hypnotherapy: AKA An Interview with Rene Brent
The Health Happens Podcast
With Michael Frosina and Chris Pickrell

Yoga Talk Show

EPISODE 254: How Big is Your But?.
Lucas Rockwood – Yoga Talk Show

Laura Steward – It’s All About the Questions Radio Show on iHeart Radio and WAXE

  • waxe
  • iheart-radio

Loutopia the Podcast
Humor – Health – Well Being

  • join-up-the-dots
  • David Ralph – Join Up Dots – 11-25-2016